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Carol Lake's "Studio at 91" - the famous designer on our doorstep!

It was almost 4 months ago that we stumbled across this amazing studio and home in Norwich. Tucked away on Upper St Giles Street, "Studio at 91" is a beautiful listed building that used to be a Victorian Chocolatier but has since started writing a new story. Carol, ever the exceptionally welcoming host, showcases her gorgeous art on fabrics, shoes, scarves and even on post cards. The products are all designed, printed and handmade in her Norwich studio.

Carol and her husband John put their heart and soul into this amazing space and it is easy to see and feel wherever you look and explore. Carol's amazing art work is woven into every wall, floor and fabric you can see. When we initially approached her to take some photos on the ground floor of the old shop and in her courtyard garden, little did we know that there was such beautiful living quarters upstairs. Carol welcomed us into her home to take more wonderful pictures and we found that the house reflected the true nature of this truly original artist in every paint stroke. Every space holds the intricate detail of her amazing patterns and designs.

The house has such a positive spirit, leaving you feeling safe, calm and peaceful, which is only enhanced by the natural quality of her work. We felt so lucky to truly experience this space as a studio and a home. As our 7 year old daughter curiously asked the couple, "Is this house for real?" - this truly summarised all of our feelings

For more information on Carol's work go to www.carollake.co.uk whilst her studio is open Saturdays from 10am-5pm. Carol is also happy to have people view her products at other times by appointment.