Our scented candles are handpoured in the UK. Our scented coconut wax candles burn better and cleaner than any paraffin or soy wax candle. Our coconut wax formula is natural and renewable - it is Soy Free, Palm Free and Paraffin Free.

Experience the Best of your Candle - Burning Tips

Cocomoon has unique burning properties compared to any other candle you have experienced before. From the coconut on the tree to our luxurious, eco-friendly final product, burning them correctly is the conclusion of this wonderful process.

Every candle on the market has different burning properties - paraffin based candles will tend to create some nasty smoke while burning (called "soothing"). Natural wax candles , such as soy, will sooth less but frost on the top and can easily discolour making it difficult to give as a present to a friend or loved one. 

So to burn your candles correctly, its always recommended to cut the wick to 1/4 inch before every burn. You should also burn the candle long enough to achieve the melt pool. 

There is a common misconception that candles should achieve the melt pool within the first 3 hours it is burnt. However, the safest and best quality candles only achieve a burn pool after their 2nd and 3rd burns. As the wax burns down, the edges will join the rest of the wax at the bottom of the candle. This process keeps the temperature of the glass at a safe level to touch and avoid the flame dangerously flaring. 

You should of course never leave your candle in a room unattended or with a child or a pet. Kids and pets are of course attracted to the light and smell, so could end up  touching the flame or hot wax.

If you follow these simple steps, you will have a great, stable, scent throwing burn for up to 40 hours - you will get truly the best out of our amazing coconut wax candles!