Our scented candles are handpoured in the UK. Our scented coconut wax candles burn better and cleaner than any paraffin or soy wax candle. Our coconut wax formula is natural and renewable - it is Soy Free, Palm Free and Paraffin Free.

How Pret A Manger helped me to create Cocomoon Candles

As I live quite close to the Pret a Manger at Chapelfield in Norwich, I guess I was destined to become a regular. Not only the peace of mind of having an organic, quick and deliciously addictive coffee, but also the amazing people who work in this particular branch - they have lead to me going their almost everyday!


I was quite surprised to see how many people actually use Pret for business meetings, to work online and generally run their business. When I was in London, I have been to an exceptionally busy branch near Liverpool Street and felt like I had stepped into somebody’s office. There was a table of 10 people having a working lunch with their laptops and food, with other on skype business calls – even some coders getting creative.


In this sense, Pret offers unique help to many local businesses…so much so, that I felt compelled to write about. As everything happens online these days, people have started working from home more and more, but they still need to fulfil their social needs (guessing there is a thesis topic waiting to be discovered in that somewhere). I believe people prefer being with people even if they don’t always need this interaction for their business purposes.


This applies to me too I guess. I can do what I do at home but realized that I still go to Pret everyday at around the same time to start work. Why Pret you ask? Well I have been to many other “well known” coffee shops before, which were fine…but there was always something missing. Be it a lack of good quality food, non-organic (or just plain poor) coffee, or seating that is not as welcoming for long-stayers like myself.


Most importantly, the staff are the main attraction here - they have truly acknowledged me as a regular customer. Since then I just can’t give up coming to my “office” where I can have amazing coffee and food whenever I feel the need…even better, there are staff that I can chat to when I feel overwhelmed by all the work or just want a quick break!


Anyway, one day Damian (barista-supreme), suggested I try the new Coconut milk in my coffee rather than my normal straight Latte. I thought why not give it a try. As I was sipping away, contemplating our budding candle idea it struck me (like a Coconut falling from a tree)…why not use Coconut wax in our candles? And so the idea for our truly unique Cocomoon Candles came to be! The manager of the branch Cristina was very supportive of the idea and encouraged me to go for it.


So thank you Pret – for the great services you provide to so many business people and entrepreneurs across the land and, in particular, from Cocomoon Candles for providing the spark that started our new journey!